Additional file 6: Figure S6. of ULK1 phosphorylates Sec23A and mediates autophagy-induced inhibition of ER-to-Golgi traffic

The interactions between the ULK1 phosphorylation mutants of Sec23A and Sec31A. (A) S207 and T405 mutants of Sec23A were tested for their interaction with Sec31A by co-expressing the Myc-His-Sec23A mutants and GFP-Sec31A. (B) Combinations of S207 and T405 double mutants were tested for the interaction with Sec31A. Overexpression of the indicated protein was carried in HEK293T cells, followed by immunoprecipitation of Myc-His-Sec23A by anti-Myc antibody. Co-precipitated GFP-Sec31A was detected by anti-GFP antibody. (B) Wildtype Sec23A, S207A and T405A mutants were tested for the interaction with GFP-Sec31A in growth medium or in amino acid starved medium EBSS. (TIFF 5305 kb)