Additional file 6: Figure S6. of Colitis susceptibility in p47 phox−/− mice is mediated by the microbiome

Homozygously bred p47 phox−/− mice have moderately increased susceptibility to C. rodentium colitis compared to WT mice. Weight (A) and histology score (colons isolated on day 12 post-infection) (B) plots of homozygously bred p47 phox−/− (n = 5) and B6Tac (n = 5) mice after infection with 5 × 109 CFU of C. rodentium. Fecal loads of C. rodentium on day 12 post-infection are shown (C). Bacterial load present in MLNs (D) and spleen (E) was determined on day 12 post-infection. Significance was determined using the Mann-Whitney U test (*p < 0.01). (PPTX 170 kb)