Additional file 6: Figure S6. of A putative pyruvate transporter TaBASS2 positively regulates salinity tolerance in wheat via modulation of ABI4 expression

Constitutively expressing TaBASS2 enhances tolerance to methyl viologen (MV). (a-c) The wild-type seedlings and two 35S::TaBASS2 transgenic lines (OE1 and OE3) after a ten-day treatment with 0, 1 or 1.5 mM MV. Bar = 1 cm. (d) Relative root growth of the wild-type and OE plants treated with 0, 1 or 1.5 mM MV. Error bars represent the standard errors (n = 3), with each replicate comprising at least 30 plants. Columns labeled with an asterisk indicate means differing significantly from the WT result (P < 0.05, t-test). (TIF 2419 kb)