Additional file 6: Figure S5. of Patient-derived xenograft in zebrafish embryos: a new platform for translational research in gastric cancer

Toxicity curves for 5-FU, docetaxel, and apatinib. Zebrafish embryos at 72 hpf were treated with increasing concentrations of 5-FU (0–6500 ng/embryo), docetaxel (0–80 μM), and apatinib (0–50 μM) for 2 days. Following 2-day treatment, embryos were examined for viability and teratogenicity. The percentage viability and teratogenicity (for apatinib only) were plotted versus the drug dose. Quantitative values are means ± SEM from 3 replicates. N = 45 embryos at each dose level. (JPEG 125 kb)