Additional file 6: Figure S5. of Inferring synteny between genome assemblies: a systematic evaluation

2018-01-30T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Dang Liu Martin Hunt Isheng Tsai
Synteny blocks in C. elegans vs. C. briggsae. Chromosomes are separated into panels labelled with Roman numeral. The Y axis stands for categories of distribution. Synteny blocks defined by five detection programs: DAGchainer (red), i-ADHoRe (yellow), MCScanX (green), SynChro (light blue), and Satsuma (blue) are drawn as rectangles. The bottom four categories are orthologs between the two species assigned by Opscan (OP; burgundy) and OrthoFinder (OF; purple), and we further categorized orthologs into 1 to 1 orthology (1-1) or many to many orthology (N-N). The X axis is the chromosome position. (PNG 404 kb)