Additional file 5: of Genome-wide association study for hereditary ataxia in the Parson Russell Terrier and DNA-testing for ataxia-associated mutations in the Parson and Jack Russell Terrier

(A) The genomic sequences of an unaffected and affected Parson Russell Terrier (PRT) are shown. The unaffected dog is homozygous for the wild-type allele. The sequence of the dog affected by hereditary ataxia shows a 1-base pair (bp) insertion in a seven-C stretch within exon 3 of the KCNJ10 gene. The seven-C stretch with and without the inserted base C is framed by a red open box. The homozygous wild-type and the homozygous mutant variant in the forward sequence as well as the heterozygous variant in both the forward and reverse sequence are shown. (B) Fragment length analysis on a 6 % polyacrylamide gel for evaluating the 1-bp insertion in KCNJ10 in hereditary ataxia affected Parson and Jack Russell Terriers. The homozygous wild-type (wt/wt) in two unaffected PRT are shown. The size of the normal PCR-product is 166 bp. The heterozygous genotype (wt/mut) in one unaffected and the homozygous genotype (mut/mut) for the mutant allele in two affected PRT are also present. (PDF 169 kb)