Additional file 5: Figure S5. of Somato-dendritic decoupling as a novel mechanism for protracted cortical maturation

Lack of age-dependent increase in cell number in TeA. A: Representative images of juvenile and mature tissue sections illustrating a comparable pattern of DAPI (blue) and NeuN (green) staining. Neurofilament-200 (red) was also included here to illustrate the surrounding neuropil. Note that the intensity of DAPI staining appears, in general, weaker and more dispersed in older animals. Scale bar = 50 μm. B–C: Summarized cell count data based on DAPI (B) and NeuN (C) staining normalized for comparison. Note that there does not appear to be an increase in cell number for both the total number of cells and NeuN positive cells between juvenile (P19; n = 3 animals) and mature (P57; n = 3 animals) animals using both counting methods (t (4) = 1.45 p = 0.22 for DAPI and t (4) = 1.69 p = 0.17 for NeuN). These results are consistent with the general notion that the postnatal neocortex does not appear to produce more neurons [51]. (PDF 695 kb)