Additional file 5: Figure S4. of The RIO protein kinase-encoding gene Sj-riok-2 is involved in key reproductive processes in Schistosoma japonicum

Sj-riok-2 activity in Xenopus oocyte germinal vesicle break down (GVBD) assays. Capped messenger RNA (cRNA) of Sj-riok-2 was microinjected into Xenopus laevis stage VI oocytes according to a standard protocol [21, 22]. Each oocyte was injected with 60 nl (60 ng) cRNA in the equatorial region and incubated at 19 °C in ND96 medium. Results are expressed as the percentages of the number of mature oocytes found in samples injected with Sj-riok-2 cRNA or uninjected. After 10 h, GVBD was detected in all uninjected oocytes by the appearance of a white spot at the center of the animal pole. Compared to the uninjected group, the GVBD oocytes were decreased in Sj-riok-2 cRNA injected oocytes. (TIFF 35 kb)