Additional file 4: of RNA-seq studies using wheat PHYTOCHROME B and PHYTOCHROME C mutants reveal shared and specific functions in the regulation of flowering and shade-avoidance pathways

FDR-adj P <0.01 PHYB/PHYC-regulated genes significant in just one experiment. In different tabs, 5320, PHYB-regulated genes, 1037 PHYC-regulated genes and 336 genes showing concerted regulation by PHYB and PHYC. Columns describe the genomic locus, the associated longest transcript which mapped to this locus, top BLAST hit and description and e-value, normalized counts from each library, fold-change (wild-type/phy-null mutant, genes highlighted green are upregulated in the phy-null mutant, genes highlighted red are downregulated in the phy-null mutant) and FDR-adjusted P values from DESeq and EdgeR (Padj <0.01 highlighted in yellow). (XLSX 3100 kb)