Additional file 4: of Characterisation of the circulating acellular proteome of healthy sheep using LC-MS/MS-based proteomics analysis of serum

Protein identifications by ProteinPilot™, Mascot and PeptideShaker search engines from searching a composite of the first, second and third digestions sheep serum protein data using an Ovis aries only UniProtKB protein sequence database. This 3-sheet Microsoft® Excel™ file contains the details of protein identifications of a composite search of all the sample data from the three workflows (first, second and third in-gel and in-solution digestion) using an Ovis aries only UniProtKB database optimised for PeptideShaker Software. The tab details are as follows: ProteinPilot_IDs_ + _Sequences = 245 ProteinPilot™ protein IDs complete with peptide sequences; Mascot_IDs = 379 Mascot protein IDs and PeptideShaker_IDs = 133 PeptideShaker protein IDs. (XLSX 170 kb)