Additional file 4: Figure S1. of Ectopically expressed glutaredoxin ROXY19 negatively regulates the detoxification pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana

Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of OPR2 and ANAC032 transcript levels in TIBA-treated wild-type and tga2 tga5 tga6 mutant plants. Four-week-old soil-grown plants of the indicated genotypes were either sprayed with 0.1 mM TIBA/0.05 % DMSO or 0.05 % DMSO (mock). Leaves were harvested for RNA isolation after 10 h of treatment. Relative transcript levels were determined using UBQ5 as a reference gene. The mean values (+/−SE) obtained from three to five individually harvested plants are shown. (PPTX 107 kb)