Additional file 3: of Reductions in hypothalamic Gfap expression, glial cells and α-tanycytes in lean and hypermetabolic Gnasxl-deficient mice

Gfap expression in the hippocampus of adult Gnasxl-deficient mice is not changed. IHC for Gfap on coronal brain sections from WT (A, C, E) and KO (B, D, F) littermates at different rostro-caudal levels. In contrast to the hypothalamus, quantification of Gfap-expressing cells in the hippocampal areas did not show any significant difference (WT = 769 ± 16 vs KO = 746 ± 19 cells/section ± sem, p > 0.05, t-test, n = 15 matched pairs of sections from 5 WT and 5 KO mice). Scale bar = 100 μm. (PDF 731 kb)