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Additional file 3 of Development of a prediction system for tail-anchored proteins

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posted on 15.09.2016 by Shunsuke Shigemitsu, Wei Cao, Tohru Terada, Kentaro Shimizu
Figure S3. Lengths and hydrophobicities of sequences that were not predicted. Upper: Sequence lengths. The gray bars represent all TA proteins and red portions indicating prediction failures. Lower: Hydrophobicity scores of unsuccessfully predicted sequences. Linear smoothing was applied to Kyte–Doolittle hydrophobicity scores. Each row corresponds to a sequence, and each column represents a residue. The sequences are listed in order of hydrophobicity between the C-terminus and the 50th residue (sequences in the upper rows are more hydrophobic). (TIF 1658 kb)


This work was supported by Platform for Drug Discovery, Informatics, and Structural Life Science from Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED).