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Additional file 3: Table S2. of Effect of the saliva from different triatomine species on the biology and immunity of TLR-4 ligand and Trypanosoma cruzi-stimulated dendritic cells

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posted on 09.12.2016 by Maria Mendes, Tamires Carvalho-Costa, Marcos da Silva, Ana AnhĂŞ, Rafaela GuimarĂŁes, Thiago da Costa, Luis Ramirez, Virmondes Rodrigues, Carlo Oliveira
Summary of saliva effects on different phenotypic and functional features of dendritic cells. Summary of the effects of saliva on the maturation, differentiation, expression of surface molecules, cytokine production, viability and susceptibility to Trypanosoma cruzi invasion. The arrows correspond to the significant dilution of saliva used. Key: Up-arrow is upregulation, down-arrow is downregulation or inhibition. Abbreviations: n/a: not altered; n/d: not detected. (DOCX 16 kb)