Additional file 3: Fig. S1. of Fluorescent CXCR4 targeting peptide as alternative for antibody staining in Ewing sarcoma

Validation to show the effect of cell harvesting procedure on detected MSAP-Ac-TZ14011 and ab2074 signal intensities. The effect of 10 μM EDTA (green), TripLE (red) and 0.025% trypsin (blue) treatment on the fluorescence of ab2074 (*) and MSAP-Ac-TZ14011 staining were tested on (A) MDA-MB-231 X4, (B) TC32 and (C) A673. As representative baseline (black), the result of TripLE treatment without additional staining was used. No significant difference in fluorescence was observed. The Y-axis represents the normalized number of cell counts (n = 1). (EPS 1732 kb)