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Additional file 2: of Spread and establishment of Aedes albopictus in southern Switzerland between 2003 and 2014: an analysis of oviposition data and weather conditions

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posted on 26.05.2016 by Eleonora Flacio, Lukas Engeler, Mauro Tonolla, Pie Müller
Meteorological stations in the study areas and weather conditions between 2006 and 2014. AnnT m : Annual mean temperature; JanT m : mean temperature of the coldest month; SumT m ; mean temperature of the survey season (May-September); DTmin<-10°C: number of days with an average temperature below -10 °C. Agrometeo data were retrieved from www.agrometeo.ch and MeteoSwiss data from www.meteoswiss.ch . (DOCX 15 kb)