Additional file 2 of Integrative DNA methylation and gene expression analysis to assess the universality of the CpG island methylator phenotype

Stability of CIMP clusters with respect to the size of the CIMP signature. Robustness of cluster assignment for each sample (columns) as a function of the proportion of variant CGIs kept to define the CIMP signature, from 1 to 10 % (rows) and given the number of CIMP clusters considered (left panels: K = 2, right panels: K = 3, yellow = CIMP-positive, blue = CIMP-negative, black = CIMP-low) for bladder (panel A/B), breast (panel C/D), colon (panel E/F), lung (panel G/H), stomach (panel I/J). Panel K. Table summarizing the stability of the cluster assignments for each tissue and different number of CIMP clusters considered. (PDF 381 kb)