Additional file 2: of Genome-wide profiling of 24 hr diel rhythmicity in the water flea, Daphnia pulex: network analysis reveals rhythmic gene expression and enhances functional gene annotation

Molecular function GO annotations of our rhythmic genes. Pie charts indicate the number of genes with and without a molecular function GO term. Bar charts show the number of genes that have each top level molecular function GO term. Genes may have more than one GO term. The three bar charts differ in which rhythmic genes and GO annotations were considered. We used either JTK_CYCLE determined list of rhythmic genes (“JTK”) or the expanded list containing also our network-based rhythmic predictions (“Network”). We used the existing list of GO annotations from the Joint Genome Institute (“JGI”) or the expanded list containing also our network-based predicted GO annotations (“Network”). Whereas this figure displays molecular function GO annotations, see Fig. 3 for biological process GO annotations. Also see Additional file 1. (TIF 2814 kb)