Additional file 2: of Comparative transcriptome analysis provides clues to molecular mechanisms underlying blue-green eggshell color in the Jinding duck (Anas platyrhynchos)

Differential expression analysis results of 464 candidate genes between all pairs of 4 duck groups. These candidate genes were consistently differentially (q < 0.05) expressed between all cross-phenotype groups (BSD1 vs. WSD1, BSD1 vs. WSD2, BSD2 vs. WSD1, and BSD2 vs. WSD2), but not for between same-phenotype groups (WSD1 vs. WSD2 and BSD1 vs. BSD2). A q value of less than 0.05 indicated that a change of abundance was significantly different between two groups. The upregulated genes in the BSD groups were highlighted in red background and the downregulated ones were indicated in green background. BSD1 & 2 = blue-shelled duck group 1 & 2, WSD1 & 2 = white-shelled duck group 1 & 2. (XLSX 282 kb)