Additional file 2: of CHD7 promotes proliferation of neural stem cells mediated by MIF

Figure S1. Chd7 gene knockdown decreases NSPCs proliferation. A, Chd7 targeting using lentiviral shRNA significantly reduced mouse NSPC growth compared to control shRNA, as assessed using a Cell Titer-Glo Assay Kit 4 days after infection. B, The gene expression level of Chd7 was quantified by qRT-PCR in NSPCs 4 days after infection. Error bars indicate S.D. values; *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 versus control; Student’s t-test from three independent experiments. C, We counted the number of Chd7-positive cells in each of the differentiated neural cells derived from embryonic day 14.5 brain GE-NSPCs after 5 days of differentiation without growth factors. Error bars indicate S.D. values and value shows the average of three independent experiments. D, Chd7 protein expression was reduced in the differentiated neuronal cells in the absence of growth factors derived from embryonic day 14.5 brain GE-NSPCs 2 days after differentiation. The level of Chd7 was quantified using Image J software (NIH, Bethesda, MD) and relative Chd7 protein levels (normalized by β-actin) are shown below the panel. (PPT 278 kb)