Additional file 2: Table S1. of Coevolution of female and male genital components to avoid genital size mismatches in sexually dimorphic spiders

Phylogenetic correlation results from PDAP for all pairs of parameters. Abbreviations: FTPL: Female Tibia-Patella Length. FCL: Female Carapace Length.sq_RA: square-root Reproductive Area. sq_EA: square-root Epigynal Area. DBO: distance between copulatory openings. open_W: copulatory opening Width. duct_L: reproductive duct Length. cube_SV: cube-root Spermatheca Volume. MBL: Male Body Length. MTPL: Male Tibia-Patella Length. MCW: Male Carapace Width. MCL: Male Carapace Length. ECL: Embolic Conductor Length. cube_BV: cube-root pedipal Bulb Volume. cube_PV: cube-root pedipalp Volume. EW: Embolus Width. cube_EV: cube-root embolus Volume. SSD_BL: FBL/MBL. SSD_TPL: FTPL/MTPL. SSD_CW: FCW/MCW. SSD_CL: FCL/MCL. SGD_SB: Spermatheca volume/Pedipalp Bulb volume. SGD_SP: Spermatheca volume/Pedipalp volume. SGD_EB: Epigynal area/Pedipalp Bulb volume. SGD_EP: Epigynal area/Pedipalp volume. SGD_RB: Reproductive Area/Pedipalp Bulb volume. SGD_RP: Reproductive Area/Pedipalp volume. (XLSX 32 kb)