Additional file 2: Figure S2. of A critical role for the Drosophila dopamine D1-like receptor Dop1R2 at the onset of metamorphosis

dsDop1R2 knockdown-induced lethality is recapitulated with alternate RNAi constructs. (A) and (B) Ubiquitous knockdown of Dop1R2. (A) VDRC 3391-GD (genotype: w1118;UAS-dsDop1R2/+;Act5C-Gal4/+) results in 98 % lethality at 29 °C (n = 58) and 94 % lethality at 25 °C, or viability (n = 44). (B) VDRC 105324-KK (genotype: w1118;TM6B/+;UAS-dsDop1R2/+) results in 97 % lethality at 29 °C (n = 59), compared to control balancer siblings (genotypes: w1118;CyO/+;UAS-dsDop1R2/+ and w1118;CyO/UAS-dsDop1R2, respectively). All male escaper flies (n = 4) obtained when using the VDRC 3391-GD RNAi construct exhibited the hypomelanization phenotype (described in Fig. 7). (C) Salivary gland/amnioserosa targeted knockdown of Dop1R2 VDRC 3391-GD results in 68 % lethality at 29 °C in experimental flies (genotype: w1118;UAS-dsDop1R2/+;P{GawB}c729-GAL4/+), compared to controls (genotype: w1118;P{GawB}c729-Gal4/+) (n = 53). VDRC Dop1R2 knockdown stocks: 3391-GD (FBst0460369) and 105324-KK (FBst0477151). Driver stocks: Act5C-GAL4 (FBst0003954), P{GawB}17A-GAL4 (FBst0008474) and P{GawB}c729-GAL4 (FBst0006983). (PDF 230 kb)