Additional file 2: Figure S2. of A T-type channel-calmodulin complex triggers αCaMKII activation

A model of Cav3.1 channel conductance and increase in [Ca]. a. Plots of the voltage-dependence for activation (blue line) and inactivation (orange line) derived from steady-state voltage commands from whole-cell recordings of Cav3 current in Purkinje cells (modified from Engber et al. [27]. b. Calculated changes in internal calcium concentrations for a hemispherical compartment around the calcium source for a Cav3 channel with a single channel conductance of 9 pS. Voltage commands are applied from a holding potential of −75 mV in 10 mV steps to +10 mV and calcium internal concentration changes plotted for distances of 20 nm and 40 nm distance from a Cav3 channel, leading to a peak calcium concentration of 36 μM (20 nm) and 7 μM (40 nm) for a step to – 20 mV. (PDF 349 kb)