Additional file 2: Figure S1. of Wetland characteristics linked to broad-scale patterns in Culiseta melanura abundance and eastern equine encephalitis virus infection

Relative importance of spatial scales from 50 m to 5000 m for a mean number of stream connections to forested wetlands, b proportional area of emergent wetland, c proportional area of deciduous forested wetland, d proportional area of evergreen forested wetland, e proportional area of scrub/shrub wetland and f mean impervious surface coverage. Each point represents a different model explaining Cs. melanura abundance. The y-axis lists AIC scores for each model centered on the mean AIC score of all the models. A lower centered AIC score for a model suggests better performance for that spatial scale. The background color shows the interpolated relative importance of a particular spatial scale averaged across all the models included in the plot. Red bands indicate spatial scales where the explanatory variable has the highest relative importance. (DOCX 2196 kb)