Additional file 2: Figure S1. of The Peach v2.0 release: high-resolution linkage mapping and deep resequencing improve chromosome-scale assembly and contiguity

Anchoring of the peach scaffolds to the three genetic maps. Colored bars represent the 8 linkage groups: pink for PxF, purple for TxE and blue for CxA. WGS scaffolds were positioned in each pseudomolecule (Pp01 to Pp08) with the corresponding genetic markers and are depicted in three different colors (dark blue, pink and pale blue); genetic markers are in the same colors of the corresponding WGS scaffolds. The zero (0) denotes the six scaffolds placed with random orientation along the pseudomolecules. The asterisk (*) indicates the two scaffolds with random order. The crosshatch (#) indicates the two scaffolds with the wrong order in Peach v2.0 that need to be inverted in a future release. (PDF 495 kb)