Additional file 2: Figure S1. of Detailed analysis of c-di-GMP mediated regulation of csgD expression in Salmonella typhimurium

Complementation of rdar morphotype and csgD expression by cyclic di-GMP turnover proteins. Figure S2. CsgD levels and rdar morphotype formation of S. typhimurium UMR1 upon expression of the GGDEF-EAL protein STM1703 and its catalytic mutants. Figure S3. STM1827 regulates rdar morphotype and csgD expression by degrading the global pools of c-di-GMP. Figure S4. Enhanced rdar morphotype in STM4264 and STM1703 mutants is dependent on the transcriptional regulators RpoS and OmpR. Figure S5. Effect of c-di-GMP signalling on translation and functionality of CsgD. Figure S6. Schematic representation of GGDEF/EAL proteins and mutants used in the study. (DOCX 1739 kb)