Additional file 1: of Interaction network of tobacco etch potyvirus NIa protein with the host proteome during infection

cDNA sequences of wild-type NIa (from nucleotide 5692 to 6981 of GenBank accession DQ986288) and the five tagged variants TSTNIa1 to 5. Twin-Strep-tag (TST) sequence is on yellow background; codons corresponding to amino acids binding Strep-Tactin and to spacers in blue and gray, respectively. Positions corresponding to the different NIaPro autoproteolytic sites are on blue background. Mutation C6037T that increases viral load and infectivity in A. thaliana Ler-0 is in red. In TSTNIa1 and TSTNIa3 the three codons in front of TST are duplicated (italics) after the tag, but include a silent mutation (in red) to avoid homologous repetitions. (PDF 66 kb)