Additional file 1: of Global trends in the awareness of sepsis: insights from search engine data between 2012 and 2017

eMethods 1: methodological considerations related to GT, eMethods 2: technical aspects of the sepsis (topic) RSV TS analyses, eReferences: references within the supplementary online content, Table S1: sepsis (topic) RSV by geographic region dataset, Table S2: sepsis (topic) RSV TS dataset, Table S3: sepsis (topic) top related queries dataset, Table S4: sepsis (topic) rising related queries dataset, Table S5: average per-country sepsis (topic) versus malaria (topic) RSV dataset, Table S6: influenza, myocardial infarction, sepsis, and stroke RSV TS dataset, Table S7: sepsis (topic) RSV TS dataset for the USA, Figure S1: classical decomposition of the sepsis RSV TS, and Figure S2: linear model for the US sepsis (topic) RSV TS. (DOCX 917 kb)