Additional file 1: of Fabrication of Nanoshell-Based 3D Periodic Structures by Templating Process using Solution-derived ZnO

Supplemental information. Figure S1: Cross-sectional SEM images of the structures. (a) 3D polymeric template as a starting structure, (b) sample post-baked at 400 °C for 1 h without pre-baking after precursor infiltration, and (c) the pre-baked template without precursor infiltration. Figure S2: Cross-sectional SEM images and schematic diagrams of the shrinkage models for one-cycle infiltrated structures. (a) After pre-baking, (b) the predicted model after post-baking, which indicates remaining pre-formed ZnO, and (c) after post-baking. Figure S3: Cross-sectional SEM images with lower magnification of 3D inverse structures. The infiltration process was conducted with different cycle numbers from one to six (a–f). Figure S4: A comparison of EDX analysis results. The differences in the results for (a) before and (b) after post-baking are apparent; inset illustrates cross-sectional SEM images of the structures and critical excitation potential for each element. Figure S5: Reflectance spectra of the polymeric template and the nanoshell-based 3D ZnO structure. Figure S6: (αhν)2 vs photon energy (hν) plot of nanoshell-based 3D ZnO structure. (DOCX 1903 kb)