Additional file 1: of Chronic adiponectin deficiency leads to Alzheimer’s disease-like cognitive impairments and pathologies through AMPK inactivation and cerebral insulin resistance in aged mice

AdipoR1 expression in brain and dot-blot immunoassay of CSF adiponectin. (a) Immunofluorescent analysis of AdipoR1 in cortex and hippocampus of adult mouse. (b) Standard curve of full length mouse adiponectin (0-1000 ng/mL). (c) Representative dot-blot image of the serial diluted APN and CSF from 18-month old WT and APN-KO mice. (d) Dot-blot immunoassay of APN concentration in the CSF for both WT and APN-KO mice by 18 months. APN was undetectable in CSF of APN-KO mice. *p < 0.05; WT (n = 4) vs APN-KO (n = 3). (JPG 57 kb)