Additional file 1: Table S2. of A sodium binding system alleviates acute salt stress during seawater acclimation in eels

Summary of expression of known epithelial growth factors that regulates goblet cells (Noah et al., 2011; [33]) during the early seawater transfer (1 h – 3 h) in gill, anterior and posterior intestine of eels. Gene expression was determined by quantitative RNA-seq. Gene expressions were compared between time-dependent FW-FW and FW-SW transfer. Arrows indicate the insignificant change, upregulation (magenta) and downregulation (green). Statistical significance is indicated by *(p < 0.05), **(p < 0.01), and *** (p < 0.001) after two-way ANOVA, Bonferroni’s test. L.E. low expression (average less than 50 reads/million), N.E. no detectable expression. (DOCX 32 kb)