Additional file 1: Table S1. of Range-wide genetic structure and demographic history in the bat ectoparasite Cimex adjunctus

List of Cimex adjunctus specimens included in analyses. Site refers to each unique sampling location in the study. Host species refers to the bat species from which the samples were collected, or which was inhabiting the roost from which the samples were collected (EPFU : Eptesicus fuscus, MYLU : Myotis lucifugus, MYSE : Myotis septentrionalis). Individuals with the same haplotype number share the same mitochondrial CO1 haplotype sequence (we could not obtain CO1 information for six individuals). We provide the Genbank accession number for each unique haplotype the first time it appears in the table. The genetic cluster (identified by Geneland based on microsatellite data) to which each specimen was assigned is also given (we could not obtain microsatellite data for 10 individuals). (XLSX 51 kb)