Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Systemic inflammation disrupts oligodendrocyte gap junctions and induces ER stress in a model of CNS manifestations of X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

1 LPS induces IL-6 and TNF-α increase in Cx32 KO mice. a-b: Graphs representing concentration course of IL-6 before (0 h) as well as 4, 24, and 96 h after saline (a) or LPS (b) injection as measured at 450 nm with ELISA. Saline did not cause any significant systemic inflammation (baseline inflammation: 0.14 pg/mL, 4 h after injection: 0.23 pg/mL), whereas a marked increase 4 h after LPS injection (935.1 pg/mL) was found. c-d: Levels of TNF-α before (0 h) as well as after (4, 24, 96 h) saline (c) and LPS (d) injection; saline did not cause any inflammatory response (baseline: 0.21 pg/mL, at 4 h: 0.22 pg/mL) whereas LPS injection caused a marked TNF-α increase (4 h after injection: 22.08 pg/mL). (TIF 12301 kb)