Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Genome-wide transcriptome profiling reveals functional networks involving the Plasmodium falciparum drug resistance transporters PfCRT and PfMDR1

Schema summarizing the parental and transgenic parasite lines used in this study. (A) The FCB data set comprises FCB, FCB pfmdr1_3′KD and 106/1 (not pictured). FCB pfmdr1_3′KD was derived from the multidrug-resistant strain FCB by genetically disrupting one of the two copies of the pfmdr1 gene, as reported in [26]. pBS: pBluescript plasmid backbone. Δmdr: pfmdr1 fragment used to disrupt the coding sequence in one of the two endogenous tandem pfmdr1 loci in FCB, resulting in FCB pfmdr1-3′KD (knock-down). (B) The 7G8 data set comprises the CQ-resistant parental strain 7G8 (PfCRT haplotype T76), from which two transgenic lines were derived by allelic exchange as previously described [20], namely the control 7G8 pfcrt_CTL (moderately CQ-resistant, PfCRT haplotype T76) and the back-mutant 7G8 pfcrt_T76K that is now fully CQ-sensitive (PfCRT haplotype K76). (PDF 347 kb)