Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Deep phylogenomics of a tandem-repeat galectin regulating appendicular skeletal pattern formation

Peptide sequences of Gal-8 from Actinopterygii (left) and Sarcopterygii (right) aligned by themselves and overlaid with their alignment with Gal-8 of Callorhinchus milii using MUSCLE with delineation of pre-N-CRD region and the N-CRD and C-CRD domains. An “*” (asterisk) denotes positions that have a single, fully conserved residue, “:” (colon) denotes conservation between residues of strongly similar biochemical properties, and “.” (period) indicates conservation between residues of weakly similar biochemical properties. The row with unshaded symbols represents alignment within actinopterygian (or sarcopterygian) clades, and the gray-shaded row represents alignment of the individual clades with C.milii Gal-8. Yellow and blue highlight positions denoting some degree of conservation within clade-specific alignments that are lost, and attenuated in alignment with C.milii Gal-8, respectively: green denotes gain in some degree of conservation upon alignment with C.milii Gal-8. (TIF 1136 kb)