Additional file 19: Figure S10. of Quantitative proteomics of the tobacco pollen tube secretome identifies novel pollen tube guidance proteins important for fertilization

Microarray expression profiling of AtLLG3 pre- and post-pollination. a High abundance of AtLLG3 in mature pollen relative to whole flower expression. b A near twofold increase of AtLLG3 expression in pollinated pistils 8 h after pollination relative to 3.5 h post-pollination. Expression data were derived from the Affymetrix Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array at Genevestigator [53]. c Predicted NtLLG3 25 amino acid N-terminal signal peptide motif (red) as well as protease cleavage site (arrow). At the C-terminus is the predicted GPI-anchor site (blue) and cleavage site (serine, red underlined S) for anchor release. (TIF 402 kb)