Additional file 14: Figure S7. of Optimisation of 16S rRNA gut microbiota profiling of extremely low birth weight infants

PCR amplification using primers 530F-926R on 8 Bifidobacterium strains. PCR amplification targeting the bacterial 16S rRNA gene using primers 530F-926R on Bifidobacterium collection strains. DNA extracted from B. bifidum (isolated from the commercial probiotic supplementation) and seven different Bifidobacterium NCIMB collection strains, was amplified using primers 530F-926R. Positive controls for this study were a faecal metagenomic sample and a L. acidophilus strain (isolated from the probiotic supplementation). Pure water was used as negative control. Amplicon samples were run on 1% agarose gel for 30 min at 100 V. DNA was visualised under UV light after staining with ethidium bromide. All tested samples gave a PCR product. (PDF 351 kb)