Additional file 13: Figure S11. of Ostreococcus tauri is a new model green alga for studying iron metabolism in eukaryotic phytoplankton

Mass spectrometry analysis of the proteins present in the iron-containing band of the native gel shown in Fig. 5. A: LC-MSMS-based Ostreococcus Protein identification from in-gel trypsin digestions of 55Fe-labelled proteins (from the iron band shown in Fig. 5). Right and left panels show the results of two independent experiments. Identifications were sorted by descending Mascot scores. Data presented include the Mascot score, the protein sequence coverage (as %), the number of proteins in the identified protein groups, the number of unique peptides, and of peptide search matches, together with the description of the protein in terms of number of aminoacid residues, molecular mass and calculated isoelectric point. B: MSMS-based OtFea sequence coverage. Peptides identified at a 1 % FDR are highlighted in green. C: Representative annotated fragmentation spectrum of an OtFea peptide (Charge: +2, Monoisotopic m/z: 795.88043 Da (−0.27 mmu/-0.34 ppm), MH+: 1590.75359 Da, RT: 27.91 min) and D: corresponding sequence attribution (AQALVADGGVCETGSR, C11-Carbamidomethyl (57.02146 Da)). The peptide was identified with Mascot (v1.30) with an ion Score of 83 and an e-value of 8.2E-008. Fragment match tolerance used for search was 0.02 Da. Fragments used for search were: a; a-H2O; a-NH3; b; b-H2O; b-NH3; y; y-H2O; y-NH3. (PPTX 659 kb)