Additional file 12: Figure S8. of Sequence-based prediction of permissive stretches for internal protein tagging and knockdown

Whole proteome analysis of E. coli. Relative surface accessibilities of observed permissive stretches (dark grey) and a random shuffling of permissive stretches (light grey) are plotted. The Overlap of both distributions appears in medium grey. The relative surface area (RSA) of a given single amino acid residue is calculated as the predicted accessible surface area in the polypeptide chain, relative to the maximal possible exposure of that residue in the center of a tri-peptide flanked with either glycine or alanine. The RSA of a site is calculated as the geometric mean of the RSAs of its flanking residues (see Methods). The RSA of a predicted stretch is then calculated as the maximum RSA of its constituent sites’ RSAs. (PDF 6 kb)