Additional file 12: Figure S7. of MAPK signaling is necessary for neurogenesis in Nematostella vectensis

NvashA expression in animals with varied regiments of U0126 treatment. (A) NvashA expression in control animals, or in animals treated with U0126 continuously for 48 hours, or from 24 to 48 hpf. Unlike early stages when no NvashA expression could be detected (Fig. 3), NvashA expression was ultimately detected in U0126-treated animals by 48 hpf. Treatment with U0126 from 24 to 48 hpf reduced NvashA expression, but NvashA could be detected in many cells, albeit at reduced levels. (B) Levels of NvashA and Nvfgfa1 as detected by qPCR at late gastrula stage (48 hpf at 17 °C) in animals injected with the Nvfgfra MO or treated with U0126 or SU5402 from 24 to 48 hpf. Relative expression levels are compared to control MO- or DMSO-treated animals respectively. The red box defines 1.5 to −1.5 fold change region. Error bars are standard error. (TIF 11166 kb)