Additional file 10: Figure S3. of Heterosis as a consequence of regulatory incompatibility

Genome-wide screen for alleles contributing to hybrid growth. (A) Distribution of effects. Shown is the cumulative number of strains as a function of the indicated Z-score value. Dashed line indicates Z-score = –1.5, with the number of strains passing this threshold indicated in parenthesis for each pool. (B) Strains showing a significant effect in at least one condition. Same as Fig. 4f for the 808 genes that showed a significant effect in at least one condition or background (Z-score < –1.5 in both replicates). Genes were classified into different functional groups based on literature search (Additional file 11: Table S5). (C) Sensitivity to genes involved cell wall, protein and lipid metabolism. Same as Fig. 4f for the indicated strains. (D) Condition-dependent hoploinsufficiency. Previously identified haploinsufficient genes [34] were recovered in YPD and sorbitol but not in other growth conditions. (PDF 2466 kb)