Actuarial Science at One Four-Year Comprehensive University

2014-08-19T15:09:23Z (GMT) by Kevin E. Charlwood
<div><p></p><p>Building an Actuarial Science program designated as advanced requires dedicated faculty, support from the administration, and a core group of strong students. Washburn University may serve as a model for those wishing to start or enhance such a program at their institution. We face three main ongoing challenges: first, the hiring and retention of high-caliber statisticians; second, attraction and retention of top-quality students; and third, concerns over small upper-division classes. We examine the relevant history of the program at Washburn, the actuarial science curriculum, necessary computing experience, the Society of Actuaries/Casualty Actuarial Society exam series, work experience including internships, and some useful actuarial science sites on the World Wide Web.</p></div>




CC BY 4.0