Acoustic simulation of a multipurpose room for musical practice: possibilities of adaptation to use

<p></p><p>Abstract For the musician to enjoy a satisfactory experience in his/her musical practice environment a specific acoustic design is essential. Within a context where the same environmentis increasingly beings used for uses that require distinct acoustic projects, the same rooms used for spoken word have also been used for musical practice. The main objective of this work was to demonstrate the contribution of computational acoustics simulation within the possibility of adaptation of an existing multipurpose classroom for teaching and musical practice. The main acoustic parameters of the room were obtained experimentally and later, different alternatives were tested using the computer simulation using Odeon software in order to obtain a model that suited the room for musical practice. This model underwent several adaptations until it resulted in a room with values of acoustic parameters within the desirable limits, being, in the octave frequency bands of 500 to 1000 Hz: TR 1.25 s; EDT 1.25 s; C80 1.98 dB; D50 56.1%; STI 0.56. The resulting computational model allowed to adapt the multipurpose room, modeled for different realities, for musical practice considering in this model the insertion or removal of acoustic materials and devices.</p><p></p>