Acoustic and sociolinguistic analysis of pre-stressed mid vowels spoken in Montanha – ES

<p></p><p>Abstract This article presents acoustic and sociolinguistic descriptions of pre-stressed mid vowels in Montanha, a city at the extreme north of Espírito Santo state. We selected four informants, two men and two women, in two age groups (18-30 and 31-50 years). The corpus was obtained from the presentation of figures inserted into the carrier sentence “Digo ______ baixinho” and repeated five times by speaker. Using the plug-in Akustyk within Praat, we extracted the values of the first and second formants of the vowels. As a result, we noticed that the medium-high vowels of Montanha are lower compared to those of Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Vitória. About anteriority/posteriority, Montanha presented anterior vowels much more anteriorized, and posterior vowels much more posteriorized, compared to the other cities. Regarding sociolinguistic analysis, the age variable was selected by GoldVarb X program as the most significant for maintaining the medium-high vowel in pre-stressed position, and the range of 18 to 30 was the most responsible for this maintenance.</p><p></p>