Accuracy of linear measurements performed with two imaging software in cone-beam computed tomography scans of dry human mandibles

ABSTRACT The present study aimed to assess the accuracy of linear measurements performed with two software packages in multislice (MSCT) and cone beam (CBCT) computed tomography (CT) images. The sample consisted of 10 human mandibles marked standardly 8 times with metallic orthodontic wires. The mandibles underwent both MSCT and CBCT scanning and were measured linearly and digitally with two software packages, namely Studio 3.1® (Anne Solutions®, SP, Brazil) (ST) and Implant Viewer 2.817® (Anne Solutions®, SP, Brazil) (IV). The linear measurements were the mandibular height (MH) and width (MW), and the distance from the alveolar ridge to the mandibular canal (AC). To validate the measurements, the mandibles were sectioned in the marked regions and measured with a digital caliper. Statistically significant differences were not observed between the measurements (MH, MW, and AC) taken digitally with the two software packages from images obtained from the two scanning modalities (MSCT and CBCT) and the measurements taken manually with a digital caliper (p>0.05). MSCT and CBCT images measured digitally with ST and IV software packages resulted in reliable outcomes when compared to measurements obtained manually. Both software and imaging modalities are reliably useful for planning surgical procedure in the dental practice.