Access to proceedings of conferences listed in the 2012 PBRF round

2016-03-30T20:14:22Z (GMT) by Deborah Fitchett
The dataset lists conferences identified in Nominated Research Outputs (NRO) for New Zealand's Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) 2012 round, together with links to / details of proceedings. The NRO data was sourced from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).<br><br>Conferences are all those that could be identified from the 2448 references nominated in the conference contribution types (abstracts, full conference papers, oral presentations, papers in published proceedings, poster presentations, other), following deduplication. All details of individual papers and researchers being removed, permission was obtained from the TEC to publish this list of conferences.<br><br>Links were found for: free online proceedings (including proceedings requiring free registration, and counting both papers and slides, as well as audio or video recordings); non-free online proceedings (including those behind a paywall and those requiring society membership); physical proceedings (including print, CD/DVD, and USB where means of access could be identified); and supplementary links (conference and organisation websites). Links for proceedings are up-to-date as of 6 March 2016. Supplementary links were gathered as a starting point to identify proceedings and so intentionally include numerous broken links as noted.<br><br>Many thanks to everyone who helped locate proceedings, including especially: Andrea, apm, Catherine Fitchett, Sarah Gallagher, Alison Fields, KNB, Manja Pieters, Brendan Smith, Dave, Hadrian Taylor, Theresa Rielly, Jacinta Osman, Poppa-Bear, Richard White, Sierra de la Croix, Christina Pikas, Jo Simons, and Ruth Lewis.