Abaco 2018 SI2 PI Meeting- Lightning Talk

2018-04-23T16:30:24Z (GMT) by Joe Stubbs
<p>Abaco is a RESTful API and distributed computing platform enabling rapid development and massive scalability of computational components across teams of developers working with heterogeneous physical compute resources. The Abaco API combines technologies and techniques from cloud computing, including Linux Containers and the "functions-as-a-service" paradigm with the Actor model for concurrent computation. Abaco allows for small, lightweight programs to be run on virtually any physical resource. </p><br><p>This project will harden and extend existing capabilities to improve robustness and performance. It will also extend Abaco's ability to implement data capabilities, such as data federation and discoverability. Abaco programs can be used, for example, to build federated datasets consisting of separate datasets from all over the internet. By reducing the barriers to developing and using such services, this project will boost the productivity of scientists and engineers working on the problems of today, and better prepare them to tackle the new problems of tomorrow. Abaco has broad applicability across science domains, from biology to engineering to environmental studies. Further, the Abaco team will conduct substantial training and support activities aimed at empowering researchers to benefit from this approach.</p><br>