A web-based survey assessing the impact of storage flexibility on the daily life of patients and caregivers administering growth hormone

Many growth hormone (GH) products require refrigeration after first use or reconstitution. This may reduce adherence by affecting patients’ daily activities. Persistent treatment adherence is essential for effective GH therapy. A web-based survey was used to compare the impact of storage-flexible GH products (stable at room temperature [<25°C] for up to 21 days after first use) with refrigeration-only GH products on patients’ and caregivers’ daily lives. Compared with refrigeration-only GH products, storage-flexible GH products were associated with shorter injection times, greater adherence, less GH wastage and fewer missed activities due to difficulties with injection, and were the preferred type of GH product. When offered a choice of GH product, the majority of patients chose a storage-flexible product.