A species-level supertree of Crocodyliformes

<div><p>With fossils found worldwide, Crocodyliformes stands as one of the best documented vertebrates over the Mesozoic and Cenozoic. The multiple phylogenetic hypotheses of relationship proposed for the group allow plenty of space for contentious results, partially due to the small overlapping of taxa and disagreeing homology statements among studies. We present two supertrees of Crocodyliformes, based on different protocols of source tree selection, summarising phylogenetic data for the group into a ‘synthetic consensus’. The consensus of the most parsimonious trees, containing 184 terminal taxa, has a remarkably well-resolved branching structure, which may serve as a framework for further macroevolutionary studies. In addition, the <i>IterPCR script</i> was for the first time used in the supertree context to build a reduced consensus tree with the pruning of unstable taxa.</p> </div>



CC BY 4.0