A proposal for inclusion of topics from the Brazilian indigenous astronomy for high school Physics classes

<p></p><p>Abstract: This article presents the results obtained during the application of a didactic experience that inserted topics of Brazilian Indigenous Astronomy (AIB) in High School Physics classes. The research work had as theoretical support the concepts of Ethnoastronomy and references inspired in dialogical pedagogy of Paulo Freire in order to study the night sky with the look toward to different indigenous cultures. The proposal presented was developed in a private school in Taguatinga, Federal District, Brazil, being carried out through lectures and practices directed to 1st year of High School. Considering the lack published and available material on the subject an instructional didactic material was produced with the purpose of contributing to the teaching practice. The text available in this resource served as a reflective support and suggestions for activities such as, educational practices, thus enabling the effectiveness of the proposal.</p><p></p>